biodiversity week killarney house 1As part of biodiversity week, Tuddy Clifford (Bee Education & Health Officer) and Ulrich Schraewer (Chairman) of the Beaufort Beekeepers Association gave a talk on beekeeping and the importance of the honey bee.
The presentation contained an entertaining slide show, the display of a bee hive and the showing of the observation hive. To begin the audience was challenged to identify the honey bee on various pictures (incl. wasps and solitary bees) of bees. The difference between wasps and bees was clarified.
The audience had a real chance to dive into the amazing world of bees by viewing spectacular pictures of bees & pollen and of course the live bees in the observation hive. Ulrich and Tuddy told astonishing stories on bees, the way the communicate (perform a waggle dance) and fly hundred-thousands of miles to collect nectar for honey.

On a more serious note the presenters outlined the importance of bees (pollination) to human kind and highlighted CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), a phenomenon that occurs when the majority (or all) of bees in a colony disappear (or die). This is caused by various factors such as climate change, pesticide use, loss of natural habitat (mono cultures), parasites and viruses.
The presentation was finished to encourage us all to do more for biodiversity and in particular for bees. “Give bees some spaces” read the final slide asking the audience to plant flowers, grow vegetables or simply leave a strip of grass with flowers uncut.
biodiversity week killarney house 2There was a great uptake on this free talk arranged by the Department of Culture, Heritage & Gaeltacht and the Killarney House & Gardens. Our particular thanks go to Margaret O’ Reagan, who organised this talk on the honey bee.

biodiversity week killarney house 3(Killarney House – 26/05/2018)

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