honey bee swarmSwarming is the honey bee’s method of colony reproduction. The old queen and about half of the worker bees leave their former nest and seek a new home. While a swarm of bees may look frightening, bees that are swarming and carrying honey from their old hive are much less defensive or likely to sting. It takes quite a bit of stimulation, such as being hit by sticks and stones or squirted with a hose, to induce defensive behaviour.

Therefore refrain from the above, stay in a safe distance and contact us immediately.
Our members have the right equipment and know how to remove a swarm in a safe way.
Aim is to brush or shake the bees gently into a box and remove them from your site.

We remove swarms all over Co. Kerry and neighbouring counties and are glad to help . Subject to availability of beekeepers.

Following extraction of honey bees and their comb from any site, the odour of beeswax remains.  Because honey bees have an extremely good sense of smell, that odor will be noticeable from a long distance and highly attractive to any future honey bee scouts seeking new nesting sites, long after the previous bees have been removed.

Therefore fill all holes (large enough to insert a pencil) after the bees have been removed.

Contact Us for Swarm Removal