On the Thursday the 6th of February the Beaufort Beekeepers invite all Kerry Beekeepers Associations to join the 1st Kerry Beekeepers Gathering at 8p.m. in Beaufort Bar, Beaufort, Co. Kerry.

The evening is under the motto: “Show and Tell"

A couple of our very own Beekeepers will show and explain tried and tested but new methods in
Beekeeping. Learn how to make your own foundation or wire your own frames. Of course, there will be
plenty time to have chat on/about our favourite buzzing hobby during and after the Show & Tell sessions.

Show & Tell 1: Roll your own foundation
Speaker: Tom O’Sullivan (Collis Sandes Beekeepers, Tralee)
Tom is beekeeping since 1977. For the past couple of years, he makes his own foundation. He says: ”It is
too simple, not to do it!.” All his foundation is wire free and it works best for him. Why? – Ask him on the

Show & Tell 2: A brood and a half
Speaker: Donal Kelleher (Dunmanway & District Beekeepers)
Donal is a beekeeper with the past decade. He will give a brief presentation on brood and a half and
increasing the stock of bees for the honey flow. Do you raise your own queens? If yes, Donal has some
tips for you on raising queens.


Show & Tell 3: The CDB hive and its benefits
Speaker: John (Tuddy) Clifford (Beaufort Beekeepers)
Tuddy is a beekeeper for over 35 years. He builds his own hives for the same length of time and his CDB
hives are ideally suited for our Irish weather. Get practical hive building tips on the night.

Show & Tell 4: Wire up foundations
Speaker: Folkert Vechtmann (Beaufort Beekeepers)
Folkert is from Germany but certainly no blow in anymore. He brings a different way of Beekeeping to
the table. In Germany it is common to stud, wire and melt foundations into your frames. Folkert will
demonstrate this.

We will kick off at 8pm.
Each Show & Tell session is 15-20 min with a QA session followed.
Stay on for tea/coffee and chat afterwards.

To plan seating arrangement and refreshments, please get back to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
with approx. numbers by latest the 25th of January 2020.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 6th of February.


Ulrich Schraewer (Chairman)

Denis O’Sullivan (Secretary)

Irish Beekeepers Association

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