Beaufort Beekeepers are celebrating world bee day today.

On the lead up to world bee day many of our members have submitted videos and pics from their apairies. Its great to see everybody busy with their hives and preparing for what hopefully will be an active season. Thanks to everybody!


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  • Beaufort Beekeepers
    27 Oct 2021

    RT @britishbee: Bath Beekeepers have made a late season collection of a swarm trying to survive on the side of a tree in Bristol. We cannot…

  • Beaufort Beekeepers
    28 Aug 2021

    RT @apimondia: Honey bees have developed a way to transform pollen particles into a viscoelastic pellet, allowing them to transport pollen…

  • Beaufort Beekeepers
    21 Aug 2021

    Now is the time to watch out for wasps attacking bee hives. In the clip 2 guard bees doing a great job. Foragagers……

  • Beaufort Beekeepers
    20 May 2021

    Flowers = nectar and pollen = plenty bees & pollination

  • Beaufort Beekeepers
    20 May 2021

    Tweeting 12 hours comes to and end. Mind those bees everybody.